Prime Communications Canada Inc. (“Prime”) is committed to providing excellent service to all clients including persons with disabilities.  Prime’s goal is to focus on identifying, removing and preventing barriers for persons with disabilities.  This policy complies with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 (AODA).

Four Guiding Principles
Prime will strive to ensure that its policies, practices and procedures are consistent with the following core principles as outlined in the AODA:
Dignity - Ensure persons with disabilities are provided with services in a manner that will allow them to maintain self-respect and the respect of others.
Independence - Ensure persons with disabilities have their right to do things for themselves and are able to do things in their own way.
Integration - Ensure persons with disabilities fully benefit from the same goods and services, in the same place and in the same, or similar, manner as others.  This may require an alternative format and flexible approaches.  It means complete and full participation.
Equal Opportunity - Ensure persons with disabilities have the same chances, options, benefits and results as others.

Procedures and Responsibilities
Prime is committed to using reasonable efforts in providing goods and services to all customers including persons with disabilities and will carry out our functions and responsibilities in the following areas:

Prime is committed to ensuring that all of our employees are fully aware of how to interact and communicate with persons with disabilities.  We will train our employees who communicate with customers, including but not limited to members, potential members, or external stakeholders and partners on how to interact and communicate with people with carious disabilities.

Assistive Devices
Prime is committed to serving persons with disabilities who may use assistive devices to obtain, to use, or to benefit from goods and/or services.  We will ensure that all employees are aware of and familiar with various assistive devices that may be used while accessing our goods and/or services.

Use of Service Animals and Support Persons
Prime is committed to welcoming persons with disabilities and their guide dogs or service animals in the area of our premises that are open to the public.  Please note that a “guide dog” is a dog trained by the regulations under the Blind Persons’ Rights Act.  Also, a “service animal” is an animal for persons with disabilities.  If it is readily apparent that the animal is used by the person for reasons relating to their disability or if the person provides a letter from a physician or a nurse confirming that the person required the animal for reasons relating to the disability.

Prime will also ensure that our employees are trained on how to interact with customers with disabilities who are accompanied by a guide dog or service animal.

Any persons with disabilities who is accompanied by a support person will be allowed to enter Prime premises open to the public or other third parties with that person.  At no time will persons with disabilities who is accompanied by a support person be prevented from having access to that person while on our premises.

Prime will not charge admission fees for support persons to attend Prime sponsored events.  This policy will be included where admission fees are published.

Notice of Temporary Disruption
We will provide visitors with notice in the event of a planned or unexpected temporary disruption in the Prime offices or services usually used by persons with disabilities.  Notice will include information about the reason for the disruption, its anticipated duration and a description of alternative facilities, services or systems that may be available.

Notice will be given by posting the information in a visible place on premises owned or operated by the provider of goods and/or services.

In the event that an unexpected disruption occurs, notice will be given as soon as possible.

Training for Employees
Prime will provide training to all employees, partners, volunteers and others who deal with the public or third parties on behalf of Prime.  Prime will also provide training to those who are involved in the development and approvals of customer service policies, practices and procedures.

Feedback Process
Comments and feedback about he delivery of services to persons with disabilities is welcomed, as it may help identify areas that require change and assist in continuous improvement.  Contact Human Resources at 647-848-1388 ext 934 or at  All feedback will be addressed immediately.  Some feedback may require more effort to address and may need to be reviewed in detail.

Availability of Policy
In accordance with the AODA, this policy will be made available to any person upon request.